Experience rock music, the mystic way!

“If you want the truth, 
I’ll tell you the truth: 
Listen to the secret sound, 
the real sound, 
which is inside you.”

 Aristotle once said that knowing oneself is the beginning of all wisdom. The wanderer would be going places, meeting people, seeing things happening and would be experiencing his soul sinking into the transformations led by the concoction of the feelings. Amidst all this, he manages to talk back to his soul. He manages to disclose the realities of life, some of them really harsh. Yet another soul characterizing experience is that of indulging oneself into the verses of kabir's dohe which illustrate life's truthful lessons. And the folks at Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe provide a perfect means to impart a sense of wisdom in the listeners. Adding melody to the dohe, one at a time, they have certainly chosen an offbeat path in an already unconventional folk music scene. 
There musicals begin with a classical touch of the mandolin or the violin giving a strong freshness to kabir's folklore. As it proceeds, the simplicity of Kabir's poetry blends with the rhythm. And the revelation of the divine takes place, through vernacular hindi. The instruments and the verses seem to share a tight bond. 
The music is adorned with nature and there are many aspects of the group which give every bit of justification to the ancient poetry. The sturdy voice of Neeraj Arya himself serves as the chief constituent. Mukund Ramaswamy gives a unique texture to the melody through his violin. The mystical riffs from Raman Iyer's mandolin are guaranteed to strike the euphoric cords within the heart. Viren Solanki's percussion and Poubuanpou Bryeetokc's Guitar work as super adhesive holding all the entities together. All these additives are sufficient enough to get the verses back to life and reach out to the world. 
The picturization of the group's compositions is minimalist. The videos consolidate a sense of parallelism between the 600 year old legacy and today's sketch of the society. Very simple aspects are uncovered in the videos. 
Take a bow, you guys, for having been so keenly devoted towards promoting such a distinguished genre(read: Kabir Rock). 
It is very important to decide between what one loves and what people think is right. - Neeraj Arya's Kabir Cafe

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