Seva Café - The latent bliss in serving

            As you are about to enter it would be like the food joint just as you’ve know it to be. But if at all, on that fine day, the place has been taken over by the smiling and gracious faces from Seva Café, you’re in not only for a flavorful homely food but lots more. The affection and the warmth spread out by the volunteers does add to the great taste of the food. And if you happen to bump into them for the first time (just as I did), knowingly or unknowingly, well my friend….don’t sweat it! And believe that it actually is the same diner topped with lots of love and emotions. The volunteers are so courteous that they would be watching over even from within the kitchen window and would ask: “Do you need anything??” if they happen to catch up your eye (that’s just a small incident which renders there nicety). There are chances that you might witness live music from some of the volunteers which would add to the serenity.  

One could hear distant dialogue about any and everything between the guests and the volunteers (who have taken up the kitchen and the serving activities) who are from all walks of life. It could arguably be one of the best platforms for connecting people, creating possibilities by sharing ideas and discourse about everyone’s vision. A genuine effort from all dimensions to make the world a better place to live in. 

 What might astonish you is that the volunteers manage to be so fresh and cheerful. And that too after all the preparations which they would have been doing, mostly the activities of preparing the food and theme-ing up the place. Certainly, they are deeply inclined towards the cause which keeps them running.

The most captivating part of the entire concept which would definitely leave you spellbound is the way they come back to you when you ask for the bill. The ideology behind accepting the meal as a gift and paying forward for those who would come afterwards is immense and appreciable. And not to forget the folks, with that persistent smile on the face, providing you with quotes of wisdom in small pieces of paper as you leave the place.

It is a clear and inspiring example of how people from different backgrounds, with that keen like-mindedness of spreading the joy and happiness through food, can join hands and make a difference.  

You can track there activities here: Seva Cafe - Bangalore

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