Apple 1 to Mark 1

Just as a screen is unleashed on the stage on January 24,1984 displaying 'MACINTOSH' in marquee and then 'Insanely great!' Is written in cursive on the screen, the future had already been made way for.

Meanwhile, in the sci-fi cosmos, somewhere in Afghanistan, in the most detrimental circumstances, the stage was being set for manned armor suit weaponry when the great genius billionaire tony stark was figuring a way to escape from captivity. This was the first instance when we witnessed the 'miniaturised arc reactor', which was banked up as a science project and way behind reality till then.  

These two episodes, albeit were being unfolded in entirely different worlds, seem to relate quite mutually. If iron man could ever be made. It has to be from one of the apple's labs, for both illustrate strength maximus.

On one side we have a plethora of avant - garde weapons: repulser rays, pulse bolts, laser and graviton beams, missiles and mini guns. And contrarily, the clean and futuristic computing devices proving to be the pinnacle in the computer industry over the years.

Ever since there inception, both have been way ahead of there times. For Apple 1, that was evident enough with the fact that in the toggle switch and indicator lights (as input and output mechanisms) age, its distinctive circuitry made way for a complete computer terminal which just needed an inexpensive keyboard and a television set to be used as a monitor. The Mark - 1, which was powered by a miniaturized arc reactor technology, which would render nuclear power obsolete, is sufficiently advanced. 

We've witnessed tremendous elevation in the technology exhibited by both. Be it  from the flight stabilizers and repulsers equipped Mark II to the suitcase armor/emergency armor, Mark V to the Mark VII which has laser scanners which synchronize with the wrist cuffs and are capable of wrapping around the body.
And the Mark XLII of course, which had the special ability to fly in separate pieces and wrap around the body piece by piece by virtue of the serum injected in the body which would enable suiting up the Mark XLII at will.

Or the edgy colored graphics in the Apple II to the Macintosh XL with intuitive GUI to the slimmed down iMacs of this age.  Parallelly, the talk of the town were the modular designs, that is, the desktop computers, which were meant to unleash computing power dead-on. From The Macintosh II  to the Quadra 700 which had ethernet networking for the first time to the PowerMac G3, which was the fastest of its time. Then came the G4 and G5, which was yet again the fastest ever to the ultimate MacPro with xeon microprocessor.

And yet another ironical attribute is a streak of similarities between the creators with there barefaced attitude: steve jobs and tony stark. 
With creators I mean the individuals who are responsible for the brands, those who brought these to the world. As we are aware apple computer is originally steve woznaik's baby and the iron man has only been possible courtesy the iron man's power core, which is made on top of the arc reactor technology, that was formulated by tony's dad, Howard Stark.

The two characters being described here have been the pinnacle of the weapon's technology as well as in computing world respectively. Apple With advanced computing forming the backbone and 'Siri' voice system as the first step, the folks at apple might be considering entering the cyborg universe lately.

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